Comprehensive Car Servicing, Part Testing & Diagnostics


In order to ensure that your car runs at maximum efficiency, it important to have it serviced regularly. At Tallaght Tyres, we provide comprehensive servicing for all makes and models of cars.

A regular and full car service can help to prevent breakdowns and expensive repairs as well as providing a complete service history – which will help if you decide to sell your car. Although your car may have specific servicing intervals, we recommend that your vehicle be fully serviced annually or every 12,000 kilometres, whichever comes sooner.

Tallaght Tyres provides a thorough service and check-up that covers every aspect of your car, including:

  • Annual Service

  • Oil Changes

  • Brakes

  • Exhausts

  • Timing Belts

  • Steering

  • Suspension

  • Radiators

  • Water Pumps

  • Central Locking

  • Clutches

  • Catalytic Converters

  • Electrical Systems

  • Welding


Our tyre and service centre is conveniently located in the Old Bawn Shopping Centre in Tallaght, Dublin 24. There is ample customer parking on site, with comfortable waiting rooms and free customer Wi-Fi.

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Oil Changes

At Tallaght Tyres we offer quick and efficient oil changes. We can refill your oil to the manufacturer’s specifications or completely replace your oil filters. As part of this service we will also reset your vehicle’s service light, stamp your service record book, and provide you with a service reminder sticker.

It is highly important to have your oil changed regularly by a qualified professional. Regular oil changes ensure:

  • A Cleaner, More Efficient Engine

  • Extended Engine Life

  • Lower Vehicle Emissions

  • Better Fuel Economy

Book your Annual Service with Tallaght Tyres Today

Brake Testing

Maintaining your vehicle’s brake pads and discs is essential – not only as it makes sure your vehicle is road safe and compliant with the NCT, it will also keep you, other road users and pedestrians safe.

Here at Tallaght Tyres, we keep a wide stock of brake pads and discs for all makes and models. Our team of trained technicians provide expert service and will carry out a brake inspection service while you wait. As part of our brake system replacement service we will also offer a refit of hand brake cables and brake calipers.

Some of the warning signs that your brake system needs to be inspected include:

  • Unusual scraping noises when braking

  • Car pulls to one side

  • Hand brake has reduced effectiveness

  • Brake pedal is too hard or Brake pedal becomes "spongy"

  • Rear wheels lock and skid

  • Car takes too long to stop

  • Steering wheel vibration

  • Leaking brake fluid or low brake fluid level

  • Illuminated brake warning light on the dashboard

Do you think you need new brakes? Call into our tyre and service centre and we'll check them for you for free.

Exhaust Repairs

As well as leading to NCT failure and costly re-test fees, a faulty or inefficient car exhaust system can also be a safety hazard for you, your passengers and pedestrians. It is important, therefore, to make sure your car exhaust is well maintained at all times.


As a dedicated and expert exhaust centre, Tallaght Tyres offers several specialist exhaust services. We stock the very best, high quality Bosal exhausts on site – so extended waiting periods for the right part is never an issue – and we also have fully trained staff on-hand to fit catalytic converters. As well as supplying and fitting new exhausts we also conduct repairs on damaged or underperforming exhausts. There are many times when a replacement is not necessary, and we will never try sell you one of a repair would just as well.

NCT Pre-Tests

If your car is due an NCT test, Tallaght Tyres can help make sure it is ready and help identify any possible faults before the test.

Passing your NCT is essential. Without it, your vehicle is not deemed roadworthy and you will be subject to penalties for driving it on the road. We carry out a comprehensive check and fully investigate every small detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem. As well as carrying out wheel alignment tests, undertaking brake condition tests and running battery and engine diagnostics tests, we also offer a pre-NCT wash and valet service to ensure your car is in the best condition possible prior to its NCT.

If your vehicle has failed the NCT, Tallaght Tyres is authorised to carry out the essential repair works on your vehicle before its repeat test.

For Professional Oil Changes and Expert Brake Testing & Quality Exhaust Repairs Call the Tallaght Tyres Team today

Servicing FAQ

  • How much does a standard car service cost?

    The price of a standard car service varies depending on the type of vehicle you have. Get in touch with Tallaght Tyres today for a free quote on our full range of car servicing options.

  • Do you provide pre-NCT test servicing?

    Yes, absolutely. We offer full Dublin pre-NCT servicing to help your vehicle pass its NCT test.

  • Do you offer car repairs?

    Yes. Tallaght Tyres provides full Dublin car repairs suitable for all types of vehicles, including engine repairs, bodywork repairs, brake repairs, battery repairs, and more.

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