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There are lots of markings on the side of a tyre, but what do they all mean? We’ve put together this detailed guide so that you can be informed and know exactly what the markings on your tyres mean.


Sidewall Tyre Markings 

The numbers below explain the sidewall markings on this image

205 – Refers to the width of the tyre in mm
55 – Refers to the height of the tyre as a percentage of the width
R – Designates that the tyre is radial construction
16 – Refers to the wheel rim diameter in inches
91V – Indicates the maximum load capacity and speed at which the tyre can be safely operated

Other Tyre Markings

E Mark – Conforms to European standards
SSR,RSC,ZP,RFT – Run flat tyre
CONTISEAL – Conti Seal tyre
REINFORCED – Reinforced tyre construction
XL, Extra Load – Strengthened tyre construction for weight


Tyre Maintenance

EU Label

The European Tyre label is a new label system for all new tyres sold in the marketplace today. This system was introduced in November 2012 to provide customers more information on a tyres safety, environmental impact and fuel efficiency.


The label is split into three parts

  • The top left rates the tyres fuel efficiency from G (the least efficient) to A (the most efficient) – this may affect the fuel consumption by up to 7.5%

  • The top right rates the tyres wet grip This is similar to the above and rates the tyres wet braking distance from G (longest braking distance) to A (shortest braking distance) – this has as much impact as a 30% shorter braking distance.

  • The bottom rates the tyre rolling noise The bottom part of the label indicates the noise of the tyre with one black wave being the quietest and three loudest.

Take a look at the video to find out more:

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